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Boost Your Business Sales

WhatsApp is an important marketing tool apparatus for Marketing, and can offer you promote your products and services in a much better way USA and other country, You can quickly broadcast your marketing message to your potential clients, announce new offers and boost sales. With WhatsApp marketing, USA organizations are able to enhance their customer base considerably. In order to use WhatsApp for making a mobile promotion to target your current and new clients, You Need contact information of your clients. Also, with this business tool, you can give your clients quick services according to their specific requirements and achieve complete consumer satisfaction. With this technique for marketing, organizations will be able to expand their brand presentation, as people are growing increasingly reliant on their smartphones to meet their individual needs. In fact, statistics show that 84 percent of people can't afford to spend a day without their mobile phone. By marketing through mobile applications that are always present on mobile phones, organizations will be able to reach to their market more effectively.


We offer Whatsapp Marketing for any business owner to promote his product or service or anything else he wants to. You get direct access to your customers. We guarantee you that you will be cracking more sale once you start using Whatsapp Marketing for promotion.


1. Sending business messages without any text restrictions and limits.

2. Getting huge returns on the investment.

3. Able to send bulk message all over the world without extra cost.

4. WhatsApp is easily accessible across all the mobile platforms available such as Android, iPhone, Blackberry and Windows.

5. Unlike SMSes WhatsApp allows message sending with unlimited length accompanied by images, audios and videos etc.


- Product and service launches

- Announcing offer and deals

- Stock / Quote updates

- Upcoming event publicity

- Greetings on special occasions - And much more


1. Property agents

2. Insurance agents

3. Restaurant owner

4. Travel agency

5. Beauty & Slimming

6. Fashion boutique

7. Website

8. Car dealer

9. Personal loan agent

10. Direct Selling company

11. Online shopping

12. For those who want to start a business and increase sales as their business grows

Marketing, Sales and Customer Support

Brazilian commerce has begun to use WhatsApp as a way to offer personalized contact with customers, whether through individual product suggestions or serving as a channel to receive purchase feedback and offer customer support. A recent report by the Brazilian Micro and Small Business Support Service, Sebrae, indicates that 18% of e-commerce companies in the country have started to use WhatsApp to offer customer support. The online retailer of muscle development supplements Centralfit offers the app as a way for customers to verify the correct dosage and clarify any doubts about the application of their products. There are also cases of small and micro businesses who started to use WhatsApp as a sales and product promotion platform, with positive results. Store owners reported that the closer relationships with customers led to an increase in sales and higher engagement with their public. Additionally, real estate brokers, such as São Paulo based Lopes, started to use the app to reach customers and provide pictures and other detailed information about their products.

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