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One of the key take-aways was that messenger usage is rising month over month, especially in the younger generation between 14-29 years. This opens up new opportunities for businesses to communicate with their customers through WhatsApp:

1. Individual Customer Assistance

2. Real-time Support

3. Online Ordering & Concierge Services

4. Customer Feedback

5. Team Communication & Coordination

1. Individual Customer Assistance

Each customer is different, yet consumer satisfaction is always the one key to a long-lasting relationship for your organization. There is now a few organizations offering a unique service for their customers: Personal assistance.

The Berlin-based startup Outfittery offers online fashion boxes for men who are not interested in shopping - or basically don't have time for it. Every fashion box is separately made from fashion experts and includes a full arrangement of garments.

To improve the personal shopping experience and make it more personal, Outfittery chose to offer individual guidance through WhatsApp Markeing. This implies Outfittery gives custom advice to men about fashion and style, all done through WhatsApp Markeing.

2. Real Time Support

There are situations where every minute counts. Suppose you are at the airport terminal and ready for the check in, but suddenly you realized that you lost your ticket. Where is it? What are you doing now?

The solution is simple: You pull out your mobile and begin texting your airline's WhatsApp marketing team. After sending a photograph of your passport, they can identify you easily and re-issue another ticket by sending the ticket's QR code to your mobile.

There are situations when client service and client support must be quick and delivery people are the careful right channels for this purpose.

3. Online Ordering and Concierge Services

You have most likely known about online ordering and concierge services like Magic or GoButler. These services allow their clients to order pretty much anything through their phones by just messaging the request the service's phone number.

Make inquiries, order food, find shops nearby-by... individual assistants and concierge services are growing quick and offer a huge variety of services.

whatsapp marketing banner

The greatest differentiation however is the interface they are relying on, it's messaging. It can be as simple as that.

4. Customer Feedback

Measuring customer satisfaction helps you determine whether your product or service meets or surpasses customer expectations. Customer feedback surveys help you measure customer satisfaction. These can be done in person via WhatsApp. Using rating-based questions when you are measuring customer satisfaction will help you track and monitor how happy (or unhappy) your customers are over time.

The genuine inquiry is, why is giving feedback not as easy as texting your the reason is giving criticism not as simple as messaging your companion on WhatsApp? No additional application should be introduced, no further guidelines should be given. Everything is straightforward and straight forward.

5. Team Communication & Coordination

Handling complex situations with teams is a challenging task and is often coordinated by one person that gives instructions and receives feedback on the current situation.

For instance, organizing event and parties or planning a business trip are perfect illustrations of how communication within team can be optimized through WhatsApp Markeing.

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