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Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

Q1. How can I do WhatsApp Marketing from browser ?

There are many option to do WhatsApp Marketing online one of the best Website to do WhatsApp Marketing is (open this Website) .

Q2. What is advantages of Bulk WhatsApp Marketing ?

The main advantage of utilizing Bulk WhatsApp Marketing Messages is keeping bit along with your shoppers. On the off probability that you just as of currently have the client's contact information, you have to be compelled to utilize it additional bolstering its full luck. the reality is that various organizations do not contact their shoppers enough. Utilizing Bulk WhatsApp Marketing Messages is a rare approach to try to to thus and a compelling approach to inform shoppers concerning exceptional occasions and offers.

Q3. What is Bulk WhatsApp Marketing ?

Bulk WhatsApp Marketing helps you to send promotional and others messages from your mobile or from your desktop to multiple phone numbers . Now a days all companies , from all sectors , whether small or big corporates are using Bulk WhatsApp Marketing messages to promote and support their business and becoming more popular day by day . Product / Service or Information you want to spread can be reached to people in few seconds directly in their hands and recipients direct response rate is also too high.

Q4. Who will receive my message?

We have targetted Whatsapp users database from which you can choose your target recipients according to your business needs for e.g. businessmen, working professionals, students, agents, landlords, general public & more categories.

Q5. How can I take advantage of WhatsApp marketing when I have budget constraint?

Yes, you can take best use of WhatsApp marketing services without having to worry about the costs and other hassles. All you need to do is select a package which suits your needs best and start sending messages instantly.

Q6. Can I send pictures in whatsapp marketing to the recipients?

Yes you can send pictures but there will be different charges for text+picture message.

Q7. Do the messages sent by us get delivery instantly?

Sometimes due to delay in response time, the delivery of messages may take some time, or else normally the messages get delivered within 24 hours.

Q8. How it is effective marketing ?

As per global stats 45% people buy online via smartphones these days. SO if you are sending them Banner or video or audio with link to your site there are high chances of getting instant lead.

Q9. What number of messages would I be able to send day by day ?

Most extreme number of messages you can send day by day is rely on upon our framework line and reasonable use arrangement. Until further notice, we can send 1,00, 000 – 2,00, 000 messages for every day for the entire clients. That implies on the off chance that you send 2,00, 000 messages today perhaps you line will be forward to tomorrow.

Q10. What are its main Features of WhatsApp Marketing ?

- Bulk Message sender : Send Thousands of messages with 1 click - Add Unlimited Numbers : You can add unlimited whatsapp sender ID (Phone numbers)
- Message Options: You can send 1. Images 2. Videos 3. Text Message 4. GPS Maps Location 5. Audio Messages and 6. Vcard
- Multiple Campaign Management: You can segment your messages into different campaigns and hence create multiple campaigns with different messages and schedule them in one go.

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