Digital Marketing in India

WhatsApp has truly changed the way Mobile devices have been utilized for marketing.

WhatsApp Marketing is a tool for interaction: WhatsApp should only be used as a tool for quickly interacting with known persons and un-known persons. For instance, if you own a furniture shop, you should use our WhatsApp Markeing software to send many pictures of new stock items to existing customers and new customers.

Change your display picture to your products: And change your WhatsApp status to either your website or an obviously marketing status. For instance: "Get in touch with me in case you're looking to purchase quality furniture".

WhatsApp as a tool to organize: Today, WhatsApp marketing is one of the best instruments to organize people for a cause or an event. Supporters of the Poltician party utilized WhatsApp marketing brilliantly to organize themselves in different voting constituencies. So the next time you're doing an event, do send a welcome massages to everyone with using our WhatsApp Marketing Software.

WhatsApp Powering

WhatsApp is a cross-platform mobile application that enables message exchanges across different mobility platforms like iPhone, BlackBerry, Android, Windows Phone and Nokia. It is not even second but before the traditional text messages, a smart phone user can miss your text message but not your whatsapp marketing message. Whatsapp is an application of the next generation as it gives the marketeers not only the ability to send media rich bulk Whatsapp messages to the target clients, however it additionally has helps digital marketing professional to reach out to a subscriber base of 900 million client who are on whatsapp.

Send Messages to DND Numbers: As mobile networks are flooded with millions of messages a day, clients tend to put their numbers in 'Don't Disturb' directory to prevent message spam. With WhatsApp, there's no such limitations. Advertisers can send their promotional messages without offending DND.

Benefits of WhatsApp Marketing

Now a days WhatsApp is also used as WhatsApp Marketing in US and other country for Promotion of Real Estate, Insurance, Institute, Loans, Education etc. This is the latest trend of Marketing in the world for direct marketing or interaction with friends and family, Now in a day many business man deals on WhatsApp to view/share Picture. This is the best option for those businessman who using Bulk SMS Services or Voice Call.

Benefits of Whatsapp Marketing:

You can easily send Text/ Image/ Audio/ Video/ Vcard/ Location messages to any part of the world without any additional charges.

All tools are very easy to use.

You can use your Excel/CSV file format to attach contact list for sending WhatsApp massages

You can target your Premium clients.

Facebook owns WhatsApp

Utilizing Whatsapp as a marketing tool is the most discussed topic among many a marketing professional today. Whatsapp, whose primary goal is to connect people from around the world.

Whatsapp has increased business importance among organizations basically after its obtaining by the Social Networking major Facebook for an incredible $19 billion.

At the point when a brand like Facebook, the most looked for after online marketing platform had turned its attention towards an texting application like Whatsapp, we can only expect Whatsapp to have some business use for organizations.

Brands big and small have started investigation on the possibility of using Whatsapp in their brand communications. Whatsapp has many advantages and we have listed out a few of them which had made whatsapp a valuable marketing platform.

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